Get started with CML on Private Cloud

To get started as a user with Cloudera Machine Learning on your Private Cloud, follow the steps described below. They will show you how to set up a Project and work on some data.

Make sure the Admin creates a new Workspace for you. If you are an Admin, see: Provision an ML Workspace.
  1. Log in to your workspace. On the Workspaces tab, click Launch Workspace.
  2. Next, create a Project. See: Creating a Project.
  3. Once you have a Project, run a Session to start your work. See: Launch a Session.
  4. Test your access to the base cluster (Data Lake). See: CDP-DC cluster connectivity test.
  5. You can then run a Model. Learn about Models here: Creating and Deploying a Model.
  6. When you are finished with your workspace, your Admin can remove it, as described here: Removing ML Workspaces.