Cloudera Machine Learning Email Notifications

Cloudera Machine Learning allows you to send email notifications when you add collaborators to a project, share a project with a colleague, and for job status updates (email recipients are configured per-job). This topic shows you how to specify email address for such outbound communications.

Note that email notifications are not currently enabled by default. Emails are not sent when you create a new project. Email preferences cannot currently be configured at an individual user level.

Option 1: If your existing corporate SMTP server is accessible from the VPC where your ML workspace is running, you can continue to use that server. Go to the Admin > Settings tab to specify an email address for outbound invitations and job notifications.

Option 2: If your existing SMTP solution cannot be used, consider using an email service provided by your cloud provider service. For example, Amazon provides Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES).

Mail relay hosts often limit the authenticated sender reply address. Make sure to select a No reply email which you are allowed to use, otherwise email sending may fail.