Analytics Properties

These properties determine the behavior of the internal NiFi predictive analytics capability, such as backpressure prediction, and should be configured the same way on all nodes.



This indicates whether prediction should be enabled for the cluster. The default is false.

The time interval for which analytical predictions (e.g. queue saturation) should be made. The default value is 3 mins.

The time interval to query for past observations (e.g. the last 3 minutes of snapshots). The default value is 5 mins. NOTE: This value should be at least 3 times greater than nifi.components.status.snapshot.frequency to ensure enough observations are retrieved for predictions.

The implementation class for the status analytics model used to make connection predictions. The default value is

The name of the scoring type that should be used to evaluate the model. The default value is rSquared.

The threshold for the scoring value (where model score should be above given threshold). The default value is .90.