4.51. User

Name Description Schema

accessPolicies optional

The access policies granted to this tenant.Example : [ "AccessPolicySummary" ]

< AccessPolicySummary > array

configurable optional read-only

Indicates if this tenant is configurable, based on which UserGroupProvider has been configured to manage it.Example : true


identifier optional read-only

The computer-generated identifier of the tenant.Example : "string"


identity required

The human-facing identity of the tenant. This can only be changed if the tenant is configurable.Example : "string"


resourcePermissions optional

A summary top-level resource access policies granted to this tenant.Example : "ResourcePermissions"


revision optional

The revision of this entity used for optimistic-locking during updates.Example : "RevisionInfo"


userGroups optional

The groups to which the user belongs.Example : [ "Tenant" ]

< Tenant > array