Known Issues in Flow Management

Learn about the known issues in Flow Management clusters, the impact or changes to the functionality, and the workaround.

NIFI-9054: Calling Nifi Registry's createExtensionBundleVersion REST endpoint will cause a NullPointerException
The /buckets/{bucketId}/bundles/nifi-nar API in NiFi Registry may throw a NullPointerException.
If you are using this API, contact Cloudera for a Hotfix.
JDK versions mismatch
If doing a software only upgrade for your Flow Management DataHub clusters and if repairing one of the NiFi nodes after the upgrade, you may be in a situation where the JDK used by NiFi is not the same across the nodes. In such a case, this may cause issues in the NiFi UI and you may get an "Unexpected error" message.
Ensure that the same JDK is used across the NiFi nodes and if there is a JDK versions mismatch, manually upgrade the JDK to match the JDK version being installed on the node that has been repaired.
Failed to import XML templates through the NiFi UI
When you try to import an XML template through the NiFi UI, you get an Invalid CORS request error.
Export or import flow definitions as JSON files. To import a JSON flow definition, drag and drop a process group on the canvas and upload the JSON file. For more information, see Downloading a flow definition from NiFi.