The CLI toolkit can be executed in standalone mode to execute a single command, or interactive mode to enter an interactive shell.

To execute a single command:

./bin/ <command> <args>

To launch the interactive shell:


To show help:

./bin/ -h

The following are available commands:

demo quick-import
nifi current-user
nifi cluster-summary
nifi connect-node
nifi delete-node
nifi disconnect-node
nifi get-root-id
nifi get-node
nifi get-nodes
nifi offload-node
nifi list-reg-clients
nifi create-reg-client
nifi update-reg-client
nifi get-reg-client-id
nifi pg-import
nifi pg-start
nifi pg-stop
nifi pg-get-vars
nifi pg-set-var
nifi pg-get-version
nifi pg-change-version
nifi pg-get-all-versions
nifi pg-list
nifi pg-status
nifi pg-get-services
nifi pg-enable-services
nifi pg-disable-services
nifi pg-create-service
nifi create-user
nifi list-users
nifi create-user-group
nifi list-user-groups
nifi update-user-group
nifi get-policy
nifi update-policy
nifi create-service
nifi get-services
nifi get-service
nifi disable-services
nifi enable-services
nifi get-reporting-task
nifi get-reporting-tasks
nifi create-reporting-task
nifi set-param
nifi delete-param
nifi list-param-contexts
nifi get-param-context
nifi create-param-context
nifi delete-param-context
nifi merge-param-context
nifi import-param-context
nifi pg-get-param-context
nifi pg-set-param-context
nifi list-templates
nifi download-template
nifi upload-template
nifi start-reporting-tasks
nifi stop-reporting-tasks
registry current-user
registry list-buckets
registry create-bucket
registry delete-bucket
registry list-flows
registry create-flow
registry delete-flow
registry list-flow-versions
registry export-flow-version
registry import-flow-version
registry sync-flow-versions
registry transfer-flow-version
registry diff-flow-versions
registry upload-bundle
registry upload-bundles
registry list-bundle-groups
registry list-bundle-artifacts
registry list-bundle-versions
registry download-bundle
registry get-bundle-checksum
registry list-extension-tags
registry list-extensions
registry list-users
registry create-user
registry update-user
registry list-user-groups
registry create-user-group
registry update-user-group
registry get-policy
registry update-policy
registry update-bucket-policy
session keys
session show
session get
session set
session remove
session clear

To display extensive help for a specific command:

./bin/ <command> -h