ZooKeeper Migrator

You can use the zk-migrator tool to perform the following tasks:

  • Moving ZooKeeper information from one ZooKeeper cluster to another

  • Migrating ZooKeeper node ownership

For example, you may want to use the ZooKeeper Migrator when you are:

  • Upgrading from NiFi 0.x to NiFi 1.x in which embedded ZooKeepers are used

  • Migrating from an embedded ZooKeeper in NiFi 0.x or 1.x to an external ZooKeeper

  • Upgrading from NiFi 0.x with an external ZooKeeper to NiFi 1.x with the same external ZooKeeper

  • Migrating from an external ZooKeeper to an embedded ZooKeeper in NiFi 1.x