Queue Interaction

The FlowFiles enqueued in a Connection can be viewed when necessary. The Queue listing is opened via List queue in a Connection's context menu. The listing will return the top 100 FlowFiles in the active queue according to the configured priority. The listing can be performed even if the source and destination are actively running.

Additionally, details for a Flowfile in the listing can be viewed by clicking the "Details" button () in the left most column. From here, the FlowFile details and attributes are available as well as buttons for downloading or viewing the content. Viewing the content is only available if the nifi.content.viewer.url has been configured. If the source or destination of the Connection are actively running, there is a chance that the desired FlowFile will no longer be in the active queue.

The FlowFiles enqueued in a Connection can also be deleted when necessary. The removal of the FlowFiles is initiated via Empty queue in the Connection's context menu. This action can also be performed if the source and destination are actively running.

If the analytics prediction feature is enabled, hovering over the queue will also reveal predicted statistics on when the queue may encounter back pressure, either due to the object count or content size meeting the current threshold settings. Predictions will only be available when NiFi has enough data in its internal repository and if its model is accurate enough to broadcast a prediction. For more information, see the Analytics Framework section in the System Administrator's Guide.