Configuring your source processor

You can use the ListDatabaseTable processor to get data from your Snowflake table. To do this, launch the Configure Processor window, specify the necessary configurations, and start the process to verify that you can view the Snowflake table.

Use the ListDatabaseTables processor to get data from Snowflake database tables.

Set the proper Scheduling Strategy on the processor in accordance with your use case. You use this processor to list the tables available in the remote database. You can update the value of the Refresh Interval property in combination with the Scheduling Strategy to determine at which frequency tables will be listed.

Configure this processor to run only on the primary node of your NiFi cluster.

  • You must have built the data flow.
  • You must have created your controller services.
  1. Launch the Configure Process window, by right-clicking the processor and selecting Configure.
  2. Configure ListDatabaseTables according to your use case and operational objectives.
  3. Configure Database Connection Pooling Service to call the database connection Controller Service you created in the preceding step.
  4. You can use the Scheduling Strategy and the Refresh Interval configuration properties to determine how frequently the tables will be listed in the Snowflake database.
  5. Use the Table Name Pattern value to specify whether you want to pull all the tables or just some.

    If you want to retreive a few of the tables, define a regular expression. If the property value is not set, all tables are retrieved.

You can confirm that you have configured ListDatabaseTables correctly by starting the processor and confirming that you can view the Snowflake table.

After you have finished configuring your source processor, proceed to:

  • Configure your target processor.
  • Confirm your data flow is running.