Configuring Kafka ZooKeeper chroot

By default, the /kafka path is used in ZooKeeper to store Kafka related metadata. This path can be changed by configuring the ZooKeeper Root Kafka property.

Complete the following steps to change the Kafka ZooKeeper chroot on an already existing service. You can also configure the ZooKeeper Root property when adding a new Kafka service to a cluster. The property can be configured on the Review Changes page when using the Add a Service wizard.

  1. Select the Kafka service.
  2. Go to Configuration and find the ZooKeeper Root property.
  3. Add the path to use as a chroot environment for the Kafka cluster.
    Cloudera recommends that you use /kafka.
  4. Enter a Reason for change and click Save Changes.
  5. Restart the Kafka service.
The Kafka ZooKeeper chroot is configured. Kafka uses the configured path to store its metadata in ZooKeeper.