Data Access

Cloudera Data Platform Runtime data access reference provides command syntax reference material for Apache Hive materialized views, SQL for Impala, and the Cloudera Search solrctltool. Impala file formats, port information, and other references help you configure and manage Impala.

Apache Hive

Apache Hive Materialized View Commands

Describes commands for altering, creating, describing dropping, and showing materialized views. Includes the syntax, options, description, and an example of each command.

Apache Impala

Apache Impala Reference

Explains the factors affecting Impala feature performance, tuning procedures, monitoring and benchmarking queries and other SQL operations. Describes techniques for maximizing scalability.

Apache Impala SQL Reference

Describes how to use Impala for high-performance analytic queries against a variety of storage systems, including HDFS, Kudu, S3, ABFS and more using a familiar and unified platform.


Cloudera Search solrctl Reference

Describes the solrctl tool, Cloudera's proprietary command-line utility allowing for centralized management of Solr instance configurations and schemas, collection life cycle, backup and restore, cluster initialization and configuration. Provides command syntax, options, commands, and command arguments.

Cloudera Search Morphlines Reference Guide

Morphlines provides frequently-used, high-level transformation and I/O commands you can use to customize search.