Fixed Issues in Apache Sqoop

Review the list of Sqoop issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.17.

CDPD-44431: Disable the Sqoop direct mode feature with ability to enable it again temporarily
Sqoop's direct mode is no longer supported and is disabled by default. However, you can still enable it by either setting the property globally in Cloudera Manager for Sqoop or by specifying it in the command-line through
CDPD-44531: Sqoop cannot export Parquet data due to ClassCastException
Sqoop can now export the following data types from Avro and Parquet files:
  • Int, Float, Double to the same RDBMS types
  • Long to BigDecimal, Date, Time, TimeStamp
  • Bytes to BigDecimal
  • Fixed to Decimal and TimeStamp

    Note that Fixed to TimeStamp does not work if the source date is based on the Julian calendar.

CDPD-50423: Sqoop ClassCastExceptions when exporting from Parquet
This fix introduces enhancements in Sqoop when exporting from Parquet. Additional data type mappings are now supported.
CDPD-52721: Replace log4j 1.x with reload4j
log4j has been replaced with reload4j in Sqoop.

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