Fixed Issues In Cloudera Runtime

You can review the list of reported issues and their fixes in Cloudera Runtime


  • HOTREQ-1422 Need HIVE-26779 on Public Cloud runtime
  • HOTREQ-1429 Request to backport CDPD-55677 into the next 7.2.15.x maintenance release
  • HOTREQ-1506 Schema Registry schema import must not deduplicate schemas


  • HOTREQ-1502 Ship CFM-3498 to 7.2.16 (CFM-2.2.6) and 7.2.17 (CFM-2.2.7)
  • HOTREQ-1503 Ship CFM-3513 for 7.2.16 (CFM-2.2.6) and 7.2.17 (CFM-2.2.7)
  • HOTREQ-1486 Ship CFM-3256 to 7.2.17 (CFM-2.2.7)
  • HOTREQ-1459 Ship NIFI-11653 Security fix for 7.2.17 (CFM-2.2.7), 7.2.16 (CFM-2.2.6) and 7.2.15 (CFM-2.2.5)
  • HOTREQ-1481 Ship NIFI-11744 security fix for 7.2.17 (CFM-2.2.7), 7.2.16 (CFM-2.2.6) and 7.2.15 (CFM-2.2.5)
  • HOTREQ-1489 Ship NIFI-11560 to CFM-2.2.7 to fix one UI issue
  • HOTREQ-1488 Ship NIFI-11334 to CFM- (7.2.16) and CFM- (7.2.17)

Known issue: CDPD-54714

This is due to a missing configuration in Cloudera Manager. When Hue is enabled with Knox as authentication backend and Hue also in HA mode, all Hue instance's hostname should be added in knox_proxyhosts. This issue is known since Hue is still built with Python 2. This is not the issue related to recent Hue Python 3 build change.
Follow the procedure available in the Integrate Hue with Knox documentation.