What's new in Streams Messaging Manager

Learn about the new features of Streams Messaging Manager in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.17.

UI updates

The style of SMM UI is updated. This update includes various changes to the colors, fonts, and overall style of the UI. Additionally, the following functional changes and improvements are made:
Data Explorer
  • The modal window that you use to view messages now includes a copy to clipboard button if the message you are viewing is long.
  • A (Refresh) option is added next to the FROM OFFSET field. This option refreshes the partition offset range and fetches the latest messages.
Connector Configuration and Connector Settings pages
  • A new option, Add, is added to the Import a Connector config… modal. This option enables you to import connector configuration properties without overriding existing properties.
  • Property keys can now be filtered based on their group and importance.
  • A Reset Filters option is added, this option resets all search filters.
  • Three new actions are added that modify the configuration as a whole. The options are Remove all, Reset, and Export. These actions are available in a new Actions drop-down.
  • The Import Connector Configuration… option is moved to the Actions drop-down and is renamed to Import.
  • The Deployment Status modal now correctly displays the status of the deployment process.
  • An error message is added that notifies you if validation errors are found for properties that are currently filtered.
  • If available, the display names of configuration property keys are displayed above the property key.

Highly available Kafka Connect integration

SMM uses the Kafka Connect service role’s REST URL to establish a connection with Connect and serve Connect metrics. Previously, even if your Connect deployment was highly available and had multiple service roles deployed, SMM could only be configured with a single connection URL. From now on, multiple URLs can be configured. If the Connect service role that SMM is connected to fails, SMM automatically connects to a different instance that is available.

As a result of this change, the Kafka Connect Host and Kafka Connect Port properties are replaced by the Kafka Connect Rest HostPorts property. If Kafka Connect Rest HostPorts is left empty (default), SMM is automatically configured with the host, port, and protocol of the Connect service role instances belonging to the Kafka service selected with the Kafka Service SMM property.

If you previously configured Kafka Connect Host and Kafka Connect Port, the values set in the properties are automatically migrated to Kafka Connect Rest HostPorts when you upgrade.