Customize interpreter settings in a note

This section describes how to customize Apache Zeppelin interpreter settings on a per-note basis.

You can use the Zeppelin conf interpreter to customize interpreter configuration settings on a per-note basis. The conf interpreter is a generic interpreter that can be used to customize any Zeppelin interpreter on a per-note basis.

In the following example, zeppelin_custom_note_conf.png to customize the Spark interpreter in a Note.

First paragraph:

master  yarn-client
spark.jars.packages com.databricks:spark-csv_2.11:1.2.0

Second paragraph:


import com.databricks.spark.csv._

In the first paragraph, the conf interpreter is used to create a custom Spark interpreter configuration (set app name, yarn-client mode, and add spark-csv dependencies). After running the first paragraph, the second paragraph can be run to use spark-csv in the note.

In order for the conf interpreter to run successfully, it must be configured on an isolated per-note basis. Also, the paragraph with the conf interpreter customization settings must be run first, before subsequent applicable interpreter processes are launched.