What's New in Apache Atlas

Learn about the new features of Apache Atlas in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.17.

Improved search capabilities

Atlas supports searching for entities using more options..You can download search results for both basic and advanced search flavors.

See Ability to download search results for more information.

Iceberg support for Atlas (Technical Preview)

Atlas integration with Iceberg helps you identify the Iceberg tables to scan data and provide lineage support.

Iceberg for Atlas feature is available within Cloudera Runtime 7.2.17 but is not ready for production deployment. Cloudera encourages you to explore this technical preview feature in non-production environments and provide feedback on your experiences through the Cloudera Community Forums.

See Iceberg for Atlas for more information.

AttributeName validation in parent and child TypeDef

Atlas service validates the attribute names of the entity types for those attributes having identical names as their parents' attributes.

See Validating the AttributeName in parent and child TypeDef for more information.

Improved dynamic indexy recovery

The JanusGraph database transaction might fail in certain scenarios and this failure can be handled dynamically using a specific configuration.

See Dynamic handling of failure for more information.

FISMA compliance support for Atlas

FISMA requires the use of FIPS 140 validated crypto modules for encrypted storage (not just FIPS compliant but a valid FIPS certificate must be provided). In order to achieve this in Atlas, the data stored in HBASE must be setup to be encrypted when the tables are created by Atlas. The user needs to enable encryption for the EBS volumes used for HBASE storage. Users looking for encrypted HBASE storage must take required steps to ensure that the HBASE storage they would be using is encrypted.

Log4j updates

Log4j migrated from 1.x to 2.x. All log4j 1.x dependencies have been removed to address CVEs and EOL