Tune Parser Storm Parameters by Using the Management UI

You can tune some of your Storm parameters using the Management UI.

  1. From the list of sensors in the main window, select your new sensor.
  2. Click the pencil icon in the toolbar.
    The Management UI displays the sensor panel for the new sensor.
  3. In the STORM SETTINGS box, click (expand window).
    The Management UI displays the Configure Storm Settings panel.
    The Sample field displays a parsed version of a sample message from the sensor. The Management UI tests your transformations against these parsed messages.
  4. You can tune the following Storm parameters:
    Spout Parallelism
    The Kafka spout parallelism (default to 1).
    Spout Num Tasks
    The number of tasks for the spout (default to 1)
    Parser Parallelism
    The parser bolt parallelism (default to 1).
    Parser Num Tasks
    The number of tasks for the parser bolt (default to 1).
    Error Writer Parallelism
    The error writer bolt parallelism (default to 1).
    Error Writer Num Tasks
    The number of tasks for the error writer bolt (default to 1).
    Spout Config
    A map representing a custom spout configuration.
    Storm Config
    The Storm configuration to use (this is a map). If both a specified, they are merged with the CLI properties taking precedence.
  5. Click SAVE.