Approximation Statistics

Data scientists frequently want to find anomalies in numerical data. To that end, CCP has some simple approximation statistics.

Table 1. Approximation Statistics
Function Description Input Returns
HLLP_ADD Add value to the HyperLogLogPlus estimator set.
  • hyperLogLogPlus - The hllp estimator to add a value to

  • value+ - Value to add to the set. Takes a single item or a list.

The HyperLogLogPlus set with a new value added
HLLP_CARDINALITY Returns HyperLogLogPlus-estimated cardinality for this set.
  • hyperLogLogPlus - The hllp set

Long value representing the cardinality for this set
HLLP_INIT Initializes the HyperLogLogPlus estimator set. p must be a value between 4 and sp and sp must be less than 32 and greater than 4.
  • p - The precision value for the normal set

  • sp - The precision value for the sparse set. If p is set, but sp is 0 or not specified, the sparse set will be disabled.

A new HyperLogLogPlus set
HLLP_MERGE Merge hllp sets together. The resulting estimator is initialized with p and sp precision values from the first provided hllp estimator set.
  • hllp - List of hllp estimators to merge. Takes a single hllp set or a list.

True if the filter might contain the value and false otherwise