Test Batch Indexing Topology Settings

While the parameters for the Batch Indexing topology should be modified via Ambari for persistence, there is a method by which the topologies can be started via the command line on the Metron node and parameters easily modified for testing. The commands below demonstrate how to create a copy of the Metron files for making changes quickly during testing.

  1. From the user’s home directory, execute the following commands:
    sudo cp /usr/hcp/current/metron/bin/start_hdfs_topology.sh ~
      sudo cp /usr/hcp/current/metron/config/hdfs.properties ~
      sed -i 's+$METRON_HOME/config/+/home/<user>/+g' ./start_hdfs_topology.sh
  2. Now, the variables can be edited outside of Ambari via the following command:
    vi ~/hdfs.properties
  3. To start the topology with the new variables, you must execute the following command: