Fastcapa-Core Parameters

The core parameters are command-line parameters that define how Fastcapa interacts with DPDK.

These parameters are separated on the command line by a double dash (--).
Name Command Description Default
Port Mask -p PORT_MASK A bit mask identifying which ports to bind. 0x01
Burst Size -b BURST_SIZE Maximum number of packets to receive at one time. 32
Receive Descriptors -r NB_RX_DESC The number of descriptors for each receive queue. Limited by the Ethernet device in use. 1024
Transmission Ring Size -x TX_RING_SIZE The size of each transmission ring. This must be a power of 2. 2048
Number Receive Queues -q NB_RX_QUEUE Number of receive queues to use for each port. Limited by the Ethernet device in use. 2
Kafka Topic -t KAFKA_TOPIC The name of the Kafka topic. pcap
Configuration File -c KAFKA_CONF Path to a file containing configuration values.
Stats -s KAFKA_STATS Appends performance metrics in the form of JSON strings to the specified file.

For more information about Fastcapa-specific parameters, run the following command:.

                              fastcapa -- -h