Fastcapa Environmental Abstraction Layer Parameters

The most commonly used DPDK Environmental Abstraction Layer (EAL) parameter involves specifying which logical CPU cores should be used for processing.

This can be specified in any of the following ways:

                             -c COREMASK         Hexadecimal bitmask of cores to run on
  -l CORELIST         List of cores to run on
                      The argument format is <c1>[-c2][,c3[-c4],...]
                      where c1, c2, etc are core indexes between 0 and 128
  --lcores COREMAP    Map lcore set to physical cpu set
                      The argument format is
                      lcores and cpus list are grouped by '(' and ')'
                      Within the group, '-' is used for range separator,
                      ',' is used for single number separator.
                      '( )' can be omitted for single element group,
                      '@' can be omitted if cpus and lcores have the same value                     


For more information bout EAL parameters, run the following command:

                           fastcapa -h