Configure CCP

Describes how to configure HCP including how to parse new data sources, enrich sensor data, and prioritize threat intelligence.

Management User Interface
Describes the mechanisms provided by the Management user interface.
Adding a New Telemetry Data Source
Describes how to set up a new data source and begin to stream data into HCP.
Enriching Telemetry Events
Provides steps on how to enrich the data flowing from a data source.
Configuring Threat Intelligence
Describes how to enrich threat intelligence information from a data source.
Prioritizing Threat Intelligence
Describes how to rank threat intelligence information by severity.
Synching With the Metron Dashboard
Describes how to route data source information to the search index to view it in the Metron dashboard.
Setting Up pcap to View Your Raw Data
Describes how to set up and filter pcap data using Pycapa and Fastcapa.