Use cases for HBase

As an operational data store, you can run your applications on top of HBase. You can also integrate your application with HBase. You can use HBase in CDP alongside your on-prem HBase clusters for disaster recovery use cases.

Some of the other use cases of HBase in CDP include:

  • Support customer mission-important/mission-critical scale-out applications
  • Query data with millisecond latency
  • Perform fraud model serving and detection
  • Enable serving analytics on mobile and web applications directly to end-customers
  • Operationalize Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to drive revenue or manage operational cost
  • Surfacing useful data in your applications (for example, customer 360 applications for customer support)
  • Use as a key-value store for applications
  • Bring together data spanning sources, schemas and data types and leverage in your applications
  • Use as a small file store. You can use HBase to store logs from various devices into HBase