Working with your Flow Management cluster

Once you have your Flow Management cluster up and running, review this page for information about how to operate and customize your cluster.

Authorizing Flow Management cluster access

Describes how how to authorize a new user to access and manage NiFi and NiFi Registry in CDP Public Cloud.

Scaling a Flow Management cluster

Describes how to scale your Flow Management clusters in CDP Public Cloud.

Hot loading custom NARs

Describes how to hot load custom NARs so that you can store the NARs for your NiFi custom processors in an external folder, and load them from that directory for use on the NiFi canvas. This makes it easy to edit custom processors and add new ones without having to restart your Flow Management cluster.

Automatic access to new components and fixes without upgrading

Starting with CDP Public Cloud 7.2.16, NiFi in Flow Management DataHub clusters is configured out of the box with a feature allowing it to fetch new components and fixes published by Cloudera.

Using Parameter Context inheritance

Describes how using inheritance makes it easier to manage common sets of parameters used across many flows and adjust specific parameters for a given instance as needed.

Using Parameter Providers

Describes how to generate Parameter Contexts from external sources and how to keep provided Parameter Contexts up to date with these external sources.

Working with flows in NiFi Registry using NiFi Toolkit CLI

Describes how to to use the NiFi CLI to export versioned flows from the Registry and how to import flows into the Registry.

Using DataFlow Catalog Registry Client

Provides step by step instructions for versioning and checking out flows from the DataFlow Catalog. Starting with CDP Public Cloud 7.2.16, it is possible to configure NiFi with a Registry client to connect to a Cloudera DataFlow Catalog and use it to version and control your flows, or checkout existing flows just like you would do with NiFi Registry.