Insights into cluster and workload performance

From the Cloudera Observability Real-time monitoring (RTM) user interface, you can gain insights into the health and performance of the cluster, workload engine, workload engine resources, and workload jobs and queries. You can proactively monitor, track, and troubleshoot performance and resource issues.

You can view a continuous stream of current and relevant metrics in chart widgets, cards, graphs, and tables.

The metric and health data are divided and displayed in the following tabs:
  • Clusters: Displays cards, charts, and chart widgets that help you immediately understand your cluster's resource consumption, utilization, throughput, response times, and latency. Additionally, it presents the health status and memory of your engines in the cluster's engines table.
  • Jobs & Queries: Displays the currently running and scheduled workload jobs and queries, along with the users who are running them.