About the Cloudera Observability Workloads page

Describes the fields in the Cloudera Observability Workloads page.

The Workloads page displays the defined settings and state of your workload views.

It contains the following entry fields:
  • Status, which displays the current state of the action, as follows:
    • Green, denotes that all the jobs/queries in a Workload View are UNDER the specified threshold for both Missed SLA and Failure Rate.
    • Red, denotes that the percentage of jobs/queries in a Workload View have met or exceeded the specified threshold for EITHER the Missed SLA or the Failure rate.
  • Workload, which displays the name of the Workload View. When clicked the Workload View’s Summary page opens.
  • Engine, which displays, from the Workload View’s definition settings, the selected engine in which the jobs or queries are run.
  • Criteria, which displays the alert's Criteria filters. These are attributes with static values that remain the same during the execution of a job or query.
  • SLA, which displays the service level agreement performance measurement, set as the completion duration threshold of a job or query, using the following abbreviations as the time units:
    • h = hours
    • m = minutes
    • s = seconds
    • ms = milliseconds
  • Warning Threshold, which displays the warning threshold value, which is set as a percentage of jobs or queries that either miss the SLA condition or fail completion.
  • Missed SLA %, which displays the percentage of jobs or queries that missed the SLA threshold.
  • Failure %, which displays the percentage of jobs or queries that failed completion.
  • Total Jobs/Queries, which displays the total number of jobs or queries executed, regardless of completion (including those not in a terminal state), during the selected time period that is displayed in the Date Range field in the filter row.
  • Action, which when selected lists the Workload View’s available actions:
    • Rename
    • Clone
    • Delete
    • Manage Access
    • Enable Email Alerts or Disable Email Alerts

      The action displayed is dependent on whether Email Alerts have been enabled or disabled.