Disabling Cloudera Observability Real-time monitoring using Cloudera Manager

You can disable the Cloudera Observability Real-time monitoring (RTM) feature to meet your specific requirements.

Instructions to disable the feature apply to the selected Data Hub cluster and any newly created clusters on environments with CDP Data Hub and higher version or clusters upgraded to the same version.

  1. Log in to Cloudera Manager as a Cluster Administrator, Limited Administrator, or Configurator.
    For information on Cloudera Manager user roles, see Default User Roles in Cloudera Manager documentation.
  2. Navigate to each of the following services individually:
    • Yarn
    • Hive
    • Impala
  3. Go to the Instances tab
  4. Select the following roles for each service:
    Service name Role type
    Yarn Resource Manager
    Hive HiveServer2
    Impala ImpalaDaemon
  5. Go to the Configuration tab and search for OpenTelemetry configuration.
  6. Clear the Enable Real-Time Monitoring for Jobs /Queries with OpenTelemetry (otelcol_should_collect_rtm_logs) option.
  7. From Home > Status tab, click the Actions menu corresponding to the cluster name and select Refresh Cluster.
    For information on refreshing a cluster, see Starting, Stopping, Refreshing, and Restarting a Cluster in Cloudera Manager documentation.
The Cloudera Observability Real-time monitoring feature is disabled.