Automatically generate workload views

If you have not defined workload views you have an option to generate default views by selecting a set of criteria.

Describes how to generate the Cloudera Observability default views.
  1. Verify that you are logged in to the Cloudera Observability web UI.
    1. In a supported browser, log into the Cloudera Data Platform.
      The CDP Public Cloud web interface landing page opens.
    2. From the Your Enterprise Data Cloud landing page, select the Observability tile.
      The Cloudera Observability landing page opens.
  2. In the Clusters page, select any cluster.
    The Cluster Summary page opens.
  3. From the navigation panel, select Workloads.
  4. In the Workloads page, click Auto-generate:

  5. From the Criteria column, examine the criteria that is used for each workload view, select the required workload views, and then click Add Selected:

    The workload views you selected are saved and displayed on the Workloads page.
  6. To verify your workload views, from the navigation panel, select Workloads and then on the Workload page locate the workload view you added. When verified, click the workload to view its details: