What is Expedited Support

Expedited Support grants read-only access to your workload diagnostic information for the purpose of delivering a direct and expedited troubleshooting experience. Access to only the diagnostic data that is sent to Cloudera Observability from Telemetry Publisher is enabled. The Cloudera Support engineers can not access your workload clusters or any data that is within them.

The Cloudera Observability Expedited Support feature, provides the Cloudera Support team member, who is assisting you with a support case, read-only troubleshooting access to the same details and information that was sent by Telemetry Publisher to Cloudera Observability.

By default, the Expedited Support feature is enabled. When a support case is received, the Support team member assigned to your case, securely logs in to the Cloudera Observability web UI to view your environment's diagnostic data collected by Telemetry Publisher. Cloudera Observability provides essential and historical troubleshooting features and health details about your environment, data services, and workloads, which enables Cloudera Support to solve your issue without requiring you to collect and send more information, such as diagnostic bundles, logs, and traces.

This results in a direct support response, faster resolution, and minimal downtime.