Accessing real-time metrics in Cloudera Observability

Learn how to proactively monitor, track, and troubleshoot engine and workload performance and resource issues with the Cloudera Observability Real-time monitoring (RTM) metrics.

Describes how to work and become acquainted with the RTM metrics that monitor and measure the performance and health of your environment, resources, data services, and workload jobs and queries.

  1. Verify that you are logged in to the Cloudera Observability web UI and that you selected an environment from the Analytics Environments page.
    1. In a supported browser, log into the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP).
      The CDP web interface landing page opens.
    2. From the Your Enterprise Data Cloud landing page, select the Observability tile.
      The Cloudera Observability landing page opens to the main navigation panel.
    3. From the Cloudera Observability Environments page, select the environment required for analysis.

      The Environment navigation panel opens.

  2. In the main navigation panel, select Active System Monitoring.
  3. On the Environments page, from the Environments list, select the Data Hub environment.
By default, when you select a Data Hub environment, the Real Time Clusters page opens.
You can monitor clusters from the Clusters page. Next to the Clusters tab, click the Jobs & Queries page to monitor jobs and queries.