Adding a proxy server

Steps for configuring a proxy server, which adds extra security by enabling an intermediary gateway for sending your workload data to Cloudera Observability.

Describes how to add a proxy server as an intermediary gateway.

You can configure the Telemetry Publisher service to send data by way of a proxy server for database and metric data uploads. By default, this configuration property is disabled.

Telemetry Publisher uses the TLS and HTTPS protocols to send telemetry information to Cloudera Observability, which ensures that the data is encrypted. The proxy you use must support the HTTP CONNECT method to be able to pass through the encrypted messages. For more information, see the associated HTTP CONNECT Request for Comments (RFC) document.

  1. In a supported web browser on a Workload cluster, log in to Cloudera Manager with administrator privileges.
  2. In Cloudera Manager, select Clusters, locate and select Cloudera Management Service, and then select the Configuration tab.
  3. From the Filters panel in the SCOPE section, select Telemetry Publisher.
  4. In the Search field, enter proxy, which displays the proxy configuration properties.
  5. In the Proxy Support for Telemetry Publisher property, select the Telemetry Publisher Default Group check box and do the following:
    1. In the Proxy Server field, enter the proxy server name.
    2. In the Proxy Port field, enter the port number for the proxy server.
    3. In the Proxy User field, enter the proxy server user name, which is used for access authentication.
    4. In the Proxy Password field, enter the password for the proxy server user name.
  6. Click Save Changes, and then restart the Telemetry Publisher service.