Fixed Issues In Cloudera Runtime

You can review the list of reported issues and their fixes in Cloudera Runtime

The following issues are resolved:
  • HOTREQ-968 Large file upload to WebHDFS causes OOM in Knox
  • HOTREQ-1000 Mutually exclusive filter params in the HadoopGroupProvider identity-assertion provider
  • HOTREQ-1001 NPE occurred while getting service discovery types
  • HOTREQ-964 Release: HIVE-25574: Replace clob with varchar when storing creation metadata
  • HOTREQ-1003 Optimisations on COD for ABFS support
  • HOTREQ-1026 KnoxToken doAs broken with HadoopAuthFilter

Known Issue: CDPD-43048

SecureBulkLoad feature does not work on public cloud when using S3 with HBOSS and Raz.

Workaround: After, the next ODX version will be released. This enables SFT and disable HBOSS on CDPD This will fix SecureBulkload.