Fixed Issues in Apache Kafka

Review the list of Apache Kafka issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.15.

CDPD-29058: Migrate to log4j2 due to log4j1 end of life
Kafka is migrated and uses log4j2 as a logging library. Additionally, log4j1 dependencies are removed with the exception of the Log4jAppender. Although the appender remains available, Cloudera recommends that you use the log4j2 implementation of the appender that is available in the log4j2 project.
CDPD-29307: Kafka keystore and truststore type is not configured for Cruise Control metrics reporter
The keystore and truststore types are now correctly supported by the Cruise Control metrics reporter in the Kafka broker.
OPSAPS-62548: TopicMetrics get deleted from Cloudera Manager during restart or Kafka partition reassignment
KafkaTopicMetrics are no longer deleted from the ServiceMonitor's Time-series database during a Kafka restart or a partition leader change.

Apache Patch Information

  • KAFKA-13443: Kafka broker exits when OAuth enabled and certain configuration not specified
  • KAFKA-13445: Add ECDSA test for JWT validation
  • KAFKA-13444: Fix OAuthCompatibilityTool help and add SSL options
  • KAFKA-13446: Remove JWT access token from logs
  • KAFKA-13202: KIP-768: Extend SASL/OAUTHBEARER with Support for OIDC