What's new in Streams Messaging Manager

Learn about the new features of Streams Messaging Manager in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.15.

Improvement in the Connect tab of the SMM UI
You can now deploy Kafka Connect connector configurations containing secret properties which will be stored in an encrypted storage (by default in Kafka). The deployed configuration will only contain references to these secrets. With this comes the need to mark properties as secret on the Streams Messaging Manager user interface so a new connector creation form is introduced, which supports it. You can import configurations and populate the form automatically.
Kafka Connect improvement
  • In NiFi connectors you can now provide file path or URL for the flow.snapshot or alternatively you can upload it from file.
  • You can now import Connector Configurations as a whole instead of adding individual configurations.
  • Connector configuration validation errors are now correlated with individual config key.
  • Sensitive properties are now hidden from the SMM UI and support is added to set properties as sensitive.
Partition dimension removal in SMM

The partition dimensions of the producer ("/api/v2/admin/metrics/aggregated/producers") and consumer ("/api/v2/admin/metrics/aggregated/groups") metrics are removed from the SMM cache, and are not exposed anymore through the API. This made the SMM memory footprint smaller, relieved some of the load from the metric store, and the network traffic became smaller. With this change, you get a cleaner, and easily readable API, and the UI is snappier, and faster than before.

The version of the /api/v1/admin/metrics/aggregated/* and /api/v1/admin/lineage/* endpoints have been changed to /api/v2/admin/aggregated and /api/v2/admin/lineage. With this change, the response objects are changed as well.
For the /lineage endpoints a common lineage response object is introduced in v2 as opposed to the specific (and different) objects in the experimental v1 endpoint.
For the /aggregated/* endpoints, the partition level metrics (that were in the wrappedPartitionMetrics field) are removed. Partition level metrics have been removed from the /aggregate/producers and /aggregated/producers/{producerClientId} but they are still available in the corresponding /metrics/producers and /metrics/producers/{producerId} endpoints.
Stateless Sink and Source should populate Key/Value Converters
SMM UI Connector Creation page now contains a default key/value converter to the StatelessNiFiSource or StatelessNiFiSink connectors.
Added API to enrich a sample configuration
Streams Messaging Manager API /connector-templates/config/enhance is added, which accepts a sample connector configuration and enhances it with the properties that are probably needed for that connector.
Add "emit.consumer.metrics" config to SMM CSD, and remove (now) unused SMON host/port configs
Removed "cm.metrics.service.monitor.host" and "cm.metrics.service.monitor.port" configurations from Streams Messaging Manager.

These no longer have to be configured as SMM automatically detects ServiceMonitor's location and emits the ConsumerGroup metrics into it.

Added "emit.consumer.metrics" configuration to Streams Messaging Manager.

In case this flag is disabled, Streams Messaging Manager does not emit historic ConsumerGroup metrics into ServiceMonitor, meaning historic metrics (for group Lag and CommittedOffset) would not be available for Groups in SMM. These metrics are used to populate the charts at the bottom of the ConsumerGroupDetail page, or accessed through the "api/v2/admin/metrics/consumers/group/{groupId}" REST API endpoint.

Increase SMM version to 2.3
SMM version is increased.
SMM UI should show the replication status tooltip
Streams Messaging Manager now shows tooltip for the replication status.
On the Overview page adjust the lineage information shown
On the Overview page, when a Producer or a Consumer is selected, an arrow points to the topic(s) it produced to or consumed from, instead of the partitions.