What's New in Apache Hadoop YARN

Learn about the new features of Hadoop YARN in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.15.

Queue priority

Setting queue priorities is now supported by the YARN Queue Manager UI. By setting queue priorities you can ensure that applications can access cluster resources. This is especially important in the case of Hive LLAP, long-running applications, and applications that require large containers.

For more information about the Dynamic Queue Scheduling feature, see Setting queue priorities.

Auto queue deletion at the queue level

Automatic removal of dynamically created child queues can be enabled and disabled not just globally, but also at the queue level. In addition, you can configure the queue expiration time.

For more information, see Deleting dynamically created child queues.

New YARN Queue Manager Overivew Page

In absolute mode the cluster resource capacity can be modified for the root queue using the YARN Queue Manager.

For more information, see Configuring the resource capacity of root queue in absolute mode.