Fixed Issues in Apache YARN

Review the list of Apache Hadoop YARN issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.15

COMPX-5255: Can't enable "auto queue creation" for "root" in weight mode
Enabling the dynamic child queue creation feature for root queue is now possible.
COMPX-7292: Add option to disable auto creation of a queue in weight mode
Previously if you enabled the dynamic child creation feature for a queue you could not disabled it; you had to remove the parent queue and then recreate it. This fix enables you to disable the auto child creation feature for a queue.
COMPX-7594: Minimum User Limit field fractional percentages inconsistency
The Minimum User Limit field previously accepted fractional percentages. This issue has been fixed and the field does not accept francional percentages anymore.
COMPX-7619: Placement Rules "View" button should be available in read-only mode
This fix adds the View options for placement rules for non-admin users when read-only mode is allowed for them in YARN Queue Manager UI.
COMPX-7822: User Limit Factor property should accept -1
The User Limit Factor property now accepts -1 as a value.
COMPX-8360: Yarn Queue Manager UI wipes out all Placement Rules when an invalid rule is added
When an invalid placement rules logic was created, the previously created valid placement rules were removed by the YARN Queue Manager UI, while the configuration file did not remove them. With this fix, the YARN Queue Manager UI does not remove the previously created valid placement rules anymore.

Apache patch information

  • YARN-6862
  • YARN-10503
  • YARN-10870