What's New in Hue

Learn about the new features of Hue in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.15.

Hue: The next generation SQL assistant

Hue packs the combined abilities of Data Analytics Studio (DAS) such as query optimization, query debugging framework, and rich query editor experience of Hue, making Hue the next generation SQL assistant on CDP. You can search Hive query history, view query details, visual explain plan, and DAG information, compare two queries, and download debug bundles for troubleshooting from the Job Browser page.

Ability to view Hive query history in Hue

A new service called Query Processor is added to the CDP stack as a dependency for Hue. It is used for indexing and retrieving Hive query history and query details. You can choose to turn on or turn off the Queries tab on the Hue Job Browser page by selecting or deselecting the Query Processor option in the Hue configurations in Cloudera Manager. For more information, see About Hue Query Processor.