Accessing Clusters
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Access Ambari

You can access Ambari web UI by clicking on the links provided in the Cluster Information > Ambari URL.


  1. From the cluster dashboard, click on the tile representing your cluster to navigate to cluster details.
  2. Find the Ambari URL in the Cluster Information section. This URL is available once the Ambari cluster creation process has completed:

  3. Click on the Ambari URL link.
  4. The first time you access the server, your browser will attempt to confirm that the SSL Certificate is valid. Since Cloudbreak automatically generates a self-signed certificate, your browser will warn you about an untrusted connection and ask you to confirm a security exception. Depending on your browser, perform the steps below to proceed.
    Browser Steps
    Firefox Click Advanced > Click Add Exception… > Click Confirm Security Exception
    Safari Click Continue
    Chrome Click Advanced > Click Proceed…
  5. Log in with the credentials specified during cluster creation.