Installing Cloudbreak CLI
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Configure Cloudbreak CLI

Once you have installed the CLI, you must configure the CLI to work with your Cloudbreak instance.


  1. Use the cb configure command to set up the CLI configuration file. The configuration options are:
    • –server server address [$CB_SERVER_ADDRESS]
    • –username user name (e-mail address) [$CB_USER_NAME]
    • –password password [$CB_PASSWORD]

    The password configuration is optional. If you do not provide the password, no password is stored in the CLI configuration file. Therefore, you will need to provide the password with each command you execute or via an environment variable.

    For example:

    cb configure --server --username
  2. The CLI configuration file will be saved at ~/.cb/config. The content will look similar to the following:
  3. Run any command to verify that you can connect to the Cloudbreak instance via CLI. For example:
    cb cluster list

The CLI can look for configuration options from different locations. You can optionally pass the configuration options on each command or from environment variables. The following order is used for the CLI to look for configuration options: Command line, Environment variables and the Configuration file.