Using the Command Line

Diagnostic bundles can be created by system administrators using the cdsw logs command.

By default, sensitive information will be redacted from the log files in the bundle. This is the bundle that you should attach to any case opened with Cloudera Support. The filename of this generated bundle will be of the form, cdsw-logs-$hostname-$date-$time.redacted.tar.gz.

If you want to turn off redaction of log files, you can use the -x|--skip-redaction option as demonstrated below.
cdsw logs --skip-redaction

The diagnostic bundle is only meant for internal use. It should be retained at least for the duration of the support case, in case any critical information was redacted. However, it can be shared with Cloudera at your discretion. The filename of this bundle will be of the form, cdsw-logs-$hostname-$date-$time.tar.gz.

The contents of both archives are stored in text and can easily be inspected by system administrators. Both forms are designed to be easily diff-able.

Usage Metrics

Starting with version 1.7, CDSW also gathers highly redacted information on which feature is being used. When you create a diagnostic bundle, this information is packed alongside the diagnostic information. If you want to turn off collection of information on feature usage, use the -u|--skip-usage-events flag when you generate the diagnostic bundle. For example:
cdsw logs --skip-usage-events