Enabling Default Quotas for all CDSW Users

This topic describes how to configure CPU, GPU, and memory quotas for users on a CDSW deployment. You can set default quotas for each user on the deployment as well as overriding custom quotas for specific users who might require more resources. Quotas can be enabled from the Site Administration panel.

Required Role: Site Administrator
To enable CPU, GPU, and memory quotas for users on your CDSW deployment:
  1. Log into Cloudera Data Science Workbench with site administrator privileges.
  2. Click Admin > Quotas.
  3. Switch the toggle to ON. This applies a default quota of 2 vCPU, 8 GB memory to each user on the deployment.
    If your deployment was provisioned with GPUs, a default quota of 0 GPU per user will apply. If you want users to have access to GPUs, you must modify the default quotas as described in the next step.
  4. If you want to change the default quotas, click on Default (per user). CDSW displays the Edit default quota dialog box.
  5. Enter the CPU, Memory, and GPU quota values that should apply to all users of the deployment.
  6. Click Update.
    Enabling quotas will only affect new workloads. If users have already scheduled workloads that exceed the new quota limits, those will continue to run uninterrupted. If a user is over their limit, they will not be able to schedule any more workloads.