Issues Fixed In Cloudera Data Science Workbench 1.2.1

The current release of Cloudera Data Science Workbench includes fixes for bugs.

  • The Master Node IPv4 Address parameter has been added to Cloudera Manager's Add Service wizard and is now a required parameter for installation on AWS. This should fix any related installation issues for deployments on AWS.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-2879

  • Fixed an issue with CSD-based deployments where certain operations would fail because the Prepare Node command was not installing all the required packages during First Run of the service. To see the updated list of packages that are now being installed by the Prepare Node command, refer the CSD Install Guide.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-2869

  • Fixed an issue where the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environmental variable was not getting propagated to CUDA engines.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-2828

  • Fixed an issue where stopping Cloudera Data Science Workbench on worker hosts resulted in the application hanging indefinitely.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-2880