Issues Fixed in Cloudera Data Science Workbench 1.9.0

The current release of Cloudera Data Science Workbench includes fixes for bugs.

  • The issue with Restart is now fixed.

    If multiple users clicked Restart multiple times around the same time, it was possible to have multiple engines running per applications. This resulted in a round-robin like behavior.

    Also, in this situation, if a user stopped the application, even though the application said it stopped, the application was still serving on the provided subdomain, because of the zombie engines created in the process above.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-12732

  • Cloudera Data Science Workbench Administrator can now view all projects on Projects page.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-12057

  • You can now start, stop, and delete applications stuck in a stopped state after upgrading to CDSW 1.8.0.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-12374

  • The Export Session List option on the Administration/Usage page now generates a list that is sortable by date. The Created At column displays a date value that can be used for sorting.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-9661

  • The Export PDF function is improved and will display charts, tables, and maps. However, some content still might not display well, such as tables with many columns and dynamic content, video, or iframe content containing dynamic content.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-11685

  • Models and Applications can now use Cloudera Manager and CDSW proxy settings properly. This issue also caused problems building certain Models and Applications and requring proxy settings to install additional packages (for example, pip). This issue is also fixed.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-5467

  • Previously CDSW hosts required that IPv6 support was enabled. This issue is now fixed. CDSW will function with IPv6 networking disabled or without IPv6 kernel support.

    Cloudera Bug: DSE-13465