ML Runtimes Version 2021.09

Major features and updates for ML Runtimes.

Version 2021.09

New features

  • Python 3.9 - ML Runtimes now support Python 3.9 kernels.
  • Scala - Scala kernel is supported for running Sessions and Jobs.
  • CUDA 11.4 - Nvidia GPU Editions are using CUDA 11.4.

Fixed issues

  • DSE-17126 Starting a worker from Runtime session will create a worker with engine image

    This issue is resolved in ML Runtimes 2021.09 when used with the latest ML Workspace versions.

    For workers to function properly with ML Runtimes, please use ML Runtimes 2021.09 or later with CML Workspace version of 2.0.22 or later.