Accessing Hue assets

When you are on the Data Catalog search page or the Asset Details page, to access Hue assets, an external link button is used.

You must fulfill all the three conditions as listed in Prerequisites for accessing Hue tables and databases for viewing the external link button.

You must activate Cloudera Data Warehouse on your selected environment.

  1. Login to Cloudera Data Platform.
  2. Under Management Console > select Data Warehouse
  3. On the Overview page, click on the left pane property displaying Environments.
    AWS/Azure environments are listed.
  4. Locate the enabled AWS / Azure environment and activate CDW by clicking on the bolt icon.
    This action also creates a default Database Catalogs.
  5. Once the environment is activated and a DB Catalog is created and running, you can create a virtual warehouse as per the requirement.

    For more information about AWS and Azure Environment, see AWS environments overview and Azure environments overview.

    You will now be able to navigate to the Hue assets on these virtual warehouses using the links provided by Data Catalog.