Fixed Issues in Schema Registry

Review the list of Schema Registry issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.9.

CDPD-21903: Aggregated schema search does not work correctly
You can now search by schema name and schema description.

Previously, if they tried to search by description only, they would incorrectly get back all schemas in the result set.

CDPD-23028: Delete model-registry module
Deleted "model-registry" from the project as it was not upto-date and not used. Removing it allows Cloudera to resolve several other issues.
CDPD-23183: Introduce Guice and make Atlas an optional feature
In this release, the framework is replaced by Guice. As a consequence, you can no longer add custom modules in the registry.yaml configuration file. Instead, you can programmatically update by changing the java code.
Previously, Schema Registry used a custom-built dependency injection framework.
CDPD-23996: No authorization data in logs
The authorization data for users no longer appears in logs.
OPSAPS-59229: Schema Registry YAML configuration contains plaintext passwords
Passwords are now assigned as environment variables.

Previously, Schema Registry passwords used to be stored as plaintext in the configuration file.