Known Issues in Hue

Learn about the known issues in Hue, the impact or changes to the functionality, and the workaround.

Hue Importer is not supported in the Data Engineering template
When you create a Data Hub cluster using the Data Engineering template, the Importer application is not supported in Hue.
Figure 1. Hue web UI showing Importer icon on the left assist panel

BalancerMember worker hostname too long error
You may see the following error message while starting the Hue Load Balancer:
BalancerMember worker hostname ( too long.

Cloudera Manager displays this error when you create a Data Hub cluster using the Data Engineering template and the Hue Load Balancer worker node name has exceeded 64 characters. In a CDP Public Cloud deployment, the system automatically generates the Load Balancer worker node name through AWS or Azure.

For example, if you specify cdp-123456-scalecluster as the cluster name, CDP creates as the worker node name.

Specify a shorter cluster name while creating a Data Hub cluster so that the final worker node name does not cross 64 characters.

For example, cdp-123456-scale.

Unsupported features

Importing and exporting Oozie workflows across clusters and between different CDH versions is not supported
You can export Oozie workflows, schedules, and bundles from Hue and import them only within the same cluster. It is not recommended to use the import-export feature to migrate data between clusters. To migrate data between different versions of CDH, for example from CDH 5 to CDP 7, you must migrate the database and add it to the newly created cluster.