Known Issues in Cloudera Manager 7.2.4

Known issues in CM 7.2.4.

OPSAPS-58679 FIPS cluster install fails at Setup Database step.

Known Issue Description: When setting up a cluster with FIPS + Auto TLS + SSL postgres enabled, when the Ranger service is added in CM using the Add Service wizard, the database test connection fails with the following error at the Setup Database step:

org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: SSL error: Certificates do not conform to algorithm constraints

Known Issue Workaround: Enable the Use JDBC URL Override property and override the default JDBC URL with the correct JDBC URL.

OPSAPS-57584 FIPS compliance causes flood process to crash.

Known Issue Description: Configuring CM for FIPS compliance requires disabling the flood process.

Known Issue Workaround: When FIPS is enabled, disable the flood process by setting the flood port to 0.