Cloudera Runtime component versions

You must be familiar with the versions of all the components in Cloudera Runtime 7.1.5 distribution to ensure compatibility of these components with your applications. You must also be aware of the available Technical Preview components and use them only in a testing environment.

Apache Components

The component version number has three parts, [**Apache component version number**].[*Runtime version number*].[*Build number*]. For example, if the listed Apache HBase component version number is, then 2.2.3 is the upstream Apache HBase component version, 7.1.5 is the Runtime version, and 232 is the Runtime build. You can also view the component version numbers in Cloudera Manager.

Component Version
Apache Arrow
Apache Atlas
Apache Calcite
Apache Avro
Apache Hadoop (Includes YARN and HDFS)
Apache HBase
Apache Hive 3.1.3000.
Apache Impala
Apache Kafka
Apache Knox
Apache Kudu
Apache Livy
Apache MapReduce
Apache Ozone
Apache Oozie
Apache ORC
Apache Parquet
Apache Phoenix
Apache Ranger
Apache Solr
Apache Spark
Apache Sqoop
Apache Tez
Apache Zeppelin
Apache ZooKeeper

Other Components

Component Version
Cruise Control 2.0.100
Data Analytics Studio 1.4.2
GCS Connector 1.9.10
Hue 4.5.0
Search 1.0.0
Schema Registry
Streams Messaging Manager 2.1.0
Streams Replication Manager 1.0.0

Connectors and Encryption Components

Component Version
HBase connectors 1.0.0
Hive Meta Store (HMS) 1.0.0
Hive on Tez 1.0.0
Hive Warehouse Connector 1.0.0
Spark Atlas Connector 0.1.0
Spark Schema Registry 1.1.0