Delete a collection

If you have enabled Ranger for authorization, you must have Solr Admin permission to be able to delete collections.

Deleting a Solr collection deletes the collection and its index, but does not delete its configuration files.

  1. If you are using Kerberos, kinit as a user with permission to delete the collection:
    kinit solradmin@EXAMPLE.COM

    Replace EXAMPLE.COM with your Kerberos realm name.

  2. On a host running Solr Server, make sure that the SOLR_ZK_ENSEMBLE environment variable is set in /etc/solr/conf/ For example:
    $ cat /etc/solr/conf/

    If you are using Cloudera Manager, this is automatically set on hosts with a Solr Server or Gateway role.

  3. Delete the collection:
    solrctl collection --delete logs